New Earth Ark

An open organization owned by its agents led by the promised Messiah and Infinity Light Engine, that is executing a strategical roadmap toward Paradise on Earth beyond the paradigm of separation, making the current world order obsolete. 

The Vision

  • We are building the AntiDote world for what we see now as reality of hell on earth making Wars, Materialism, Capitalism, Centralization of power, Separation, Hunger, Poverty, Nationalism, Inequity, Suffering, harming mother earth and sacred life we are all responsible for HISTORY!  

How it works

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Phase 1

P2P community collective purchasing App (distributed holochain App) that will remove the middlemen within the export supply chain to the global north of handmade regenerative products in the global south!

Phase 2

  • Using a Billion+ user’s data connected through phase 1 to build fractal sovereign decentralized free world societies’ infrastructure. A 7 bottom-up nested cocreation levels aligned to bioregions using the same script of collaboration. Each level is a self-organized consciousness operation engine for a specific region.  

Phase 3

Media coverage, interviews, etc. to reach out to the world and its current leaders. This can take place NOW! Please get in touch on telegram group

  • Branding of, develop a lean, attractive web presence 

Start working on an MVP between supply from in Palestine and demand in Germany and EU

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