Lighting the pathway to Paradise on Earth

What is NEA? Vision?

A philanthropic Agents Owned Organization and Spiritual Open Enterprise, executing a roadmap toward creating Oneness and Heaven on Earth.

Together we build the technological toolkit and organizational framework to lead the world beyond the paradigm of separation and to enable a decentralized,  interconnected, self-organized and unified humanity with nature.

Mission and Roadmap

We have put together the World Healing Strategy for what we see now as reality of hell and suffering on Earth, making the current world order obsolete, by following and working on the following these 3 pillars (in parallel!):

1.) Founding the legal non-profit  Organization “New Earth Ark”

Our agents-owned organization will be founded to lead the way for healing and purifying humanity so that co-creating paradise is possible.

This legal framework will determine our political action and run NEAs technological products, businesses and global branches by using transparent engagement tools.

2.) Building Albaydar (AB) App

Albaydar, the ancient threshing in Arabic, will span the logistic and peers grid that connects and economically balance the global north with the global south. AB eliminates the middleman within regenerative exportable goods supply chain made by hand in developing countries with an estimated purchase power of one Trillion Euro p.a.

AlBaydar: logistic gateway and community hubs.

This App will achieve all SDGs rabidly and solve all acute world problems by people and mother’s earth potential of regeneration, so that humanity can upgrade to next level. Inter alia, we consider introducing Ethical Currency Systems within the global peers market space to eliminate fiat money system to make the split between the old and new world clear.

3.) Developing the Global Brain Application (GBA); 

Paradise Operating System, collaborating and coordinating together in 7 nested heavens of co-creation,. This Regional Fractals Grid/Topology will replace the top-down governing system in crises on earth with a bio-neural bottom-up self-operating organism!

7 levels fractal mandala

This “Regional Fractals Grid/Topology” will replace the top-down governing system in crises on earth with a bio-neural bottom-up self-operating organism! (follow “federated FOSS hubs”, developed with

Architectural concepts

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Peace, Love and Unity,
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